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Hi, I'm Eddie Minnis, and I'm a Bahamian artist and songwriter. The Bahamas is a beautiful archipelago with a culture of its own. As artists, my family and I try to capture some of this and share it with others through painting and music.

I paint exclusively with a palette knife with oil on canvas. I am primarily a landscape artist, however due to my background in architecture, my paintings often feature the quaint colonial structures of our islands. Since 1990, I've been living in North Eleuthera, so many of my paintings feature scenes of Eleuthera and Harbour Island.

My daughters, Nicole and Roshanne, who are both portrait artists, try to capture the natural dignity of the people of the Bahamas as they accomplish their everyday activities. Nicole's figures in oil on canvas are vivid and lifelike. Roshanne is drawn to our shimmering, crystal clear waters, and she also paints in soft pastels. Her husband, Ritchie Eyma, (at ritchieeyma.com) is also an artist, and has an exciting, impressionistic style.

I have been writing songs about daily life in the Bahamas for over 30 years, most of them with a humorous, satirical side to them. I have also had a 10-year career as a cartoonist. My art attempts to capture the beauty of Jehovah God's creation, and my music and cartoons incorporate the lessons for life that He reveals in the Bible.

My family and I hope that through our work you can get a small taste of the incredible beauty of our islands and the rich heritage of our people.

Come and enjoy!



Kent Street - Nassau East by Eddie Minnis


Little Poinciana by Eddie Minnis


Meeting and Nassau Street by Eddie Minnis


King Street 1 by Eddie Minnis


Solomons Lighthouse by Eddie Minnis


Masons Addition II by Eddie Minnis


Beach Cove by Eddie Minnis


Yellow Bird by Eddie Minnis


Watching the Tide by Eddie Minnis


Hawkins Hill by Eddie Minnis


Heart of the Current by Eddie Minnis


Beside the Point II by Eddie Minnis


Twin Cove Palm by Eddie Minnis


Gold Coconut by Eddie Minnis


Goat Pond Bar by Eddie Minnis


Patch Hut by Eddie Minnis


Allamanda by Eddie Minnis


Twin Cove Paradise by Eddie Minnis


Rosebud Briland by Eddie Minnis


Creations Glory by Eddie Minnis


Still Point by Eddie Minnis


Nassau East Blvd. by Eddie Minnis


View from Hill Street by Eddie Minnis


Briland Today by Eddie Minnis